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Setting the right price for your SaaS is tough. Traditional pricing methods are often slow, complex, and mostly based on guesswork. Hiring a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) expert can be costly and doesn't guarantee results. If you're an indie hacker or solofounder, these challenges might resonate with you. But don't worry, I have a solution.


Meet AI Pricing Optimizer, your tool for smart and actionable insights designed to enhance your SaaS conversion rate.

Price Display Optimization
The way you present your prices can significantly impact your customer's perception and buying decision.
Price Understanding Techniques
Making your pricing structure easy to understand can help customers make quick decisions and reduce cart abandonment.
Customer Segment Optimization
Tiered pricing allows you to cater to different customer segments effectively, maximizing your revenue potential.
Potential Customer Optimization
A freemium model can attract potential customers and provide a low-risk way for them to try your product before committing to a paid plan.
Discount Optimization
Effective use of promotions can increase conversions and customer loyalty.
Call-to-Action Optimization
The right copywriting can motivate your ideal customer to take action, increasing your conversion rate.

You're thinking about a specific optimization ? Join the Discord server after your payment to see how I can include your feature request in the roadmap.

How it works

Three Steps to Increase
Your SaaS Conversion Rate

You're just three steps away from actionable insights to boost your sales

Share Your Pricing Page

Just share the URL of your SaaS product's pricing page. An AI will then analyze the content, extracting all the crucial pricing details.

Verify Your Pricing Details

Quickly review and confirm the pricing information extracted. This step ensures the accuracy of the optimization suggestions you'll receive.

Get your SaaS Pricing Suggestions

An AI fine-tuned by extensive research on SaaS pricing strategies will then provide you with smart, actionable recommendations to enhance your pricing display and boost your sales.


See it in action on a real SaaS

Only the pricing page of was used to generate these insights

To optimize the pricing of FeedHive, consider the perceived value of each tier.

For the 'Creator' and 'Brand' tiers, aimed at individuals and professionals, use a just-below pricing strategy. Set the prices at $19 and $99 respectively. This strategy can make the price seem lower, signaling good value and potentially boosting conversions.

For the 'Business' and 'Agency' tiers, aimed at teams and enterprises, use a rounded pricing strategy. Set the prices at $100 and $300 respectively. Rounded prices, associated with quality and easy to mentally process, can enhance the perceived value of these tiers and potentially increase revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions
For Early Adopters

What kind of improvements or suggestions can I expect from the AI analysis?
The AI analysis will provide you with actionable insights to improve your pricing digits, tiers, copywriting, customer understanding, promotions, call to actions, and more with the feedback of early adopters like you.
How long does it take to receive the analysis after I provide my website's URL?
The analysis will be done in a matter of minutes. If you exited the website in-between, you'll receive an email with a link to the analysis page, where you'll be able to see your personalized pricing recommendations.
What if my pricing page is in a language other than English ?
You can use AI Pricing Optimizer for any language. The AI program will analyze the text content of your pricing page and turn it into clear pricing information, regardless of the language.
What if my pricing is in my landing page, without a dedicated pricing page ?
You can use AI Pricing Optimizer with any page that has a pricing section. If your pricing is in your landing page, you can use AI Pricing Optimizer.
Can I use AI Pricing Optimizer for e-commerce websites?
You technically can, but I plan to make a dedicated e-commerce version in the future, that could be better for you.
How to contact you if I have any questions?
You can contact me at @bryanpar_ on Twitter / X, send me a tweet or PM and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.